OK…a really sweet HD monitoring solution has come knocking. The DP that I work with normally monitors his Varicam shoots with an Apple 23″ Cinema Display connected to an ecinema EDP-100. This gives him a pixel-for-pixel image of what the camera is shooting. And from what I hear, it is a darn good image, and WELL suited for color correction. But, the thing is, I cannot use them with my Dell…it must be used with the Apple 23″ HD display. So, that means that either I also buy his display for another $1000 (he is offering the ecinema box for $3500), or I swap one of my Dells for the Apple.

Hmmm…this would mean that my monitor setup is no longer symmetrical…BUT, I get a kick ass HD monitor for $3500. My other solution was the PVM-14L5 by Sony, but that is an SD monitor that can monitor HD with an appropriate HD SDI card. Yes, I know if you get the Kona LH you can just go right into the monitor, but the HD SDI gets you a better signal.

Right now I am leaning towards losing my symmetry and going with the kick ass HD monitor setup.

AND…G-Technology just came out with THEIR 4Gb fibrechannel solution, the G-Speed. I am a big fan of G-Technology and specifically the G-Raid. So when this comes out, I will be looking hard at it. I hope that it comes as an empty case…as I already have 4 drives (well, they are on the way).